At The Boardroom of Melbourne we pride ourselves in having a five-star establishment. To maintain this image it is imperative that our rooms are not only immaculately presented but also as hygienically clean as possible. It is for these reasons that we are happy to recommend SpaKleen.
SpaKleen cleans body fats and dead skin from the spa pumps and difficult to access areas and provides a level of cleanliness not previously attainable with ordinary spa cleaners.

The Boardroom of Melbourne

The Hepburn Spa Resort has been using SpaKleen for over 4 years now as an integral component of our cleaning procedures for our hydrotherapy spas.
As the largest day spa, we have. recognised the need for the spa industry to take the necessary measures to maintain high standards of hygiene to continue the growth experience in recent years by the day spa industry.

Spa Resort

At Crowne Plaza Terrigal we have been using SpaKleen for over a year. We use it every day on our spa bath rooms and are extremely pleased with the results.

Crowne Plaza

I am happy to recommend SpaKleen for spa cleaning. We currently use this product in our spa baths in the guest rooms, villas and pamper rooms.
SpaKleen has virtually no odour and is effective in cold water. So as well as being cost efficient it is also safe to use.
I have used this product in other 5 star hotels that I have been associated with and continue to use it here at Crown.

Crown Towers

SpaKleen is effective in cold water and almost odourless. It cleans body fats and dead skin from the pumps – an area which cannot be accessed by traditional cleaning methods. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other users.

Country Comfort

Dear Peter, Rydges Melbourne use “SpaKleen” and are extremely happy with the results it achieves. We use it on a regular basis. It is easy to use and has virtually no odour. By using “SpaKleen” our spas are cleaned in fifteen minutes. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other users. It is wonderful.

Rydges Melbourne

The product is excellent as it removes body fats dead Skin from the spa pumps — an area which cannot be accessed by traditional Cleaning methods.
It takes only 15 minutes to flush the spas, which the room attendants perform as part Of their daily duties. Upon completion of task — a tag informing the guests that the spa has been cleaned is placed on the tap.
As there is an increase in peoples awareness Of diseases that can be contracted by using public spas I strongly recommend all hotels and motels to utilise this product on a regular basis.

Carlton Crest

The purpose of this letter is to also congratulate your company on such an excellent product.
In our beetie product market we are often swamped with products that according to their manufacturer are “the best”.
I am confident in saying that this goes with your product.
I took the sample pods home to use and was absolutely surprised at the outcome.
I have since brought several pouches and given to my family to use and they also been amazed.
I also used SpaKleen in my washing machine cleaning process which I have done on a regular basis since the machine was purchased. I took the hose from the suds save compartment and let the water run into the trough and I was surprised at the amount of residue that came out.
We often hear criticism when a product is not up to standard but not very often praise for something that exceeds expectation.

Rose Lodge

We at Country Comfort RSL Resort have been using SpaKleen for some time now and the results are amazing. It is so easy to use and takes just upto 15 minutes to clean and flush body fats and dead skin from the spa pumps and as it is so easy to use we clean our spas with SpaKleen not only at time of departure but each time the spa is used. We have also used it to clean our shower recess and baths as it removes soap scum and leaves a great shine.
SpaKleen is virtually odour free, it is effective in cold water, cost efficient and most importantly it safe to use. We have in the past used other products to clean our spas but none of them come close to obtaining the results of SpaKleen and the back up service and prompt delivery that provides I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Country Comfort Resort