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SPAKLEEN™ is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing and distributing of SPAKLEEN™.

Since 1997, people just like you have been coming to SPAKLEEN™ for advice and service about whirlpool spa bath cleaning and the brilliant use of our product. That means you’ll benefit from our experience.

Over the years, the team at SPAKLEEN™ has seen every type of whirlpool spa bath problem or need that there is, so they’ll know just what to do to help you solve yours.

Of course, budgets are important these days. That’s why at SPAKLEEN™ you’ll receive the best products and services specifically designed to clean your whirlpool spa bath.

SPAKLEEN™ is a product, designed to effectively and clean the entire surface and pump system of Whirlpool Spa Baths, Hydrotherapy tubs, Hot tubs, and washing machines, by breaking down and dislodging body fats, hair, organic matter from the pump and circulating system. It also polishes the acrylic surface, and unlike other systems SPAkleen™ will not tarnish gold or chrome plated jets. It is chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-dangerous, biodegradable and available for commercial and domestic use.

Testimonies from leading Whirlpool spa bath manufacturers, Day Spa’s, hotels, hospitals, and the hospitality industry, acknowledge that this unique product and its simple application, is less harmful and a considerable improvement in terms of health and safety standards. Also, it is more effective in extending the life of the spa equipment.

We believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for our Company and products.

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